Geek Pulse is back: LH Labs to launch Indiegogo Forever Funding campaign

So, guess who’s coming back to town?

Yes, LH Labs is back with something new. Or rather, something not quite new, but something almost here. The Geek Pulse, LH Labs’ insanely successful headphone amp/DAC desktop wonder, is heading back to Indiegogo.

The new campaign is part of Indiegogo’s new Forever Funding campaign. I had to look that up. Turns out that Indiegogo is letting some of their campaigns run a bit outside the normal parameters. Which means consumers can continue to contribute to their favorite projects. Past the deadlines.

Geek Pulse launched about a year ago, and last night, early adopters got word that the first shipments were heading out the door. Been a long time coming, that one, but after seeing and hearing the final versions at RMAF this year, I was impressed.

Apparently, I wasn’t the only one. Which is why they’re investing the Forever Funding campaign — seems that enough of you heard the new box and pitched a holy slipped in a complaint about missing out on the first two opportunities. Ask and ye shall receive, or something like that.

So, given that this is LH Labs, there’s a wrinkle. A surprise. Something a bit new. Something Something Dark Side Something.

Say hello to the Geek Soul.


Coming soon.
Geek Pulse is already pretty frickin’ great, right? Well, we don’t like to stop at mere greatness; we want to create a legend. So we’ve taken Geek Pulse Xfi, added a few little sumpin-sumpins, integrated Geek LPS, and put it all into a completely new 17” wide body that’s perfect for your home stereo. We call this tricked-out model Geek Soul.

Something magical happened when we were co-developing Geek Pulse with our Geek Force: we were given some crazy-insane feature suggestions! We were able to fit a lot of them into Geek Pulse, but some we just couldn’t fit into the original desktop chassis. With Geek Soul, you get all the technology of Geek Pulse Xfi and Geek LPS, plus:

  • An ultra-low-noise bipolar power circuit.
  • A high-bandwidth, low noise, optional tube output stage!
  • Native DSD support: Most DSD capable DAC’s on the market, Geek Pulse included, utilize DoP (DSD over PCM) to deliver your DSD music to your stereo. With this upgrade, we install supporting passive components into Geek Soul that improve the DAC circuit’s conversion efficiency. With the improved efficiency, we can offer both DoP support and native DSD bitstreaming support.

Tempting, no? Well, the good news is that LH Labs will introduce a trade-up mechanism. They plan to let you trade in your current Geek Pulse sponsorship toward a Soul — at a 120% credit. Already spent a grand? It’s now worth $1,200 toward the Soul, against whatever price that’ll be at launch.

Me? I’m mighty curious about that whole “native DSD” thing they mention. Sounds a lot like what Light Harmonic did with the $31k Dual DAC — two discrete paths for decoding your audio, each optimized for the file type being decoded — and I like the sound of that. A lot.

Just offering a guess here, but I’m going to surprised if Soul is the only curveball this campaign will have for its backers.

Sound interesting? Go check it out yourself! The campaign is now live on Indiegogo.