Layaway plans for your Soul

The Geek Soul has been live on Indiegogo for a couple of weeks now, as part of the Forever Funding campaign around the Geek Pulse headphone amp/DAC combo from LH Labs. Yes, it’s still up there, but a couple of things have changed and I wanted to call attention to that.

I’ve been talking about the program here for a couple of reasons, in part around the novelty of crowd-funding of crowd-sourced designs, but also because it’s audio related, and that’s kinda what we do around here. I’ve had some experience with Light Harmonic, the parent company, so I’ve been happy to continue that brand-exploration, perhaps especially in light of some of the feedback I’ve gotten about them (discussed here). In the spirit of full disclosure, Larry Ho of LH has been a huge supporter of Part-Time Audiophile over the years, and while his good taste is clearly in question, his design chops are not, and all the gear I’ve heard from him so far has been not only excellent, but surprisingly so.

Anyway, lets talk about your Soul.

Soul, as you may or may not know, is the top-level personal-audio headphone amplifier currently on offer from the LH Labs team, and includes some truly wack-a-doo DAC technologies, borrowed heavily from their extraordinarily expensive DAC flagships. That’s interesting.

What might be more interesting is that reaching it might not be all that much of a stretch. Not anymore.

Two things — one, there’s the trade-up program. Got a Pulse on the way? Great. You can trade that back in at 120% of your investment toward a new super-duper version (that’s the Soul). Two, there’s now a layaway plan.

Great news, everyone! Starting November 18 at 9:00AM Pacific Time, we’re releasing the long-awaited PayPlan perks for Geek Soul.


PayPlans are similar to “layaway.” You make a down payment, and then we invoice you later for the rest. In the case of Geek Soul, it’ll be three additional payments that will need to be made prior to us shipping your unit out to you.


Be sure to act quick, because these perks will be released in batches and will be quantity and time limited. Geek Soul is shipped in the order in which contributions are made, so the sooner you make your first payment, the sooner you’ll get your Geek Soul.

In other news, Geek Pulse is now shipping. The Forever Funding campaign is scheduled to close on January 1st, so time is getting short for securing a Pulse or Soul at pre-retail pricing.

The campaign is now live on Indiegogo.