Lambert Company hits Indiegogo


I spent a few minutes with the Lambert Company’s “Play It By Ear” Headphone amp at CanJam this year — Mal heard it at CAS, and Brian spent some time with it at the LA Meet. You may have heard of it, too, courtesy of Steve Holt’s The Audio Nerd. I’m pretty sure there are some reviews out there, too — and yours truly just got one this week, for yet another take.

But Lambert has a bit more going on that just the headphone amplifier.

There’s this Indiegogo campaign, for example.

I’ve discussed the whole “point” of a crowd-funding campaign as a way to circumvent (and therefore minimize) the costs associated with ramping production to meet an uncertain market. That is, if you know exactly how many to build, you can project costs way more accurately and not have to do anything fancy with high prices up front in order to recoup the bulk of your investment with those first, and most likely, orders. If that seems subtle, here’s the nutshell — this method means “cheaper for you to buy” and we’ll leave it at that.

What Lambert seems to be doing is just that — finding ways to make their production run cheaper so that the final cost is cheaper. And there’s quite a bit they’ve got plans for.

There’s the headphone amplifier, obviously. But there’s also tube pre, a stereo amplifier, mono blocks, a power conditioner and a full desktop system with loudspeakers.

That’s a lot. And best of all? The wait times for all of this are supposed to be short. No “one year, plus” from order to delivery. This stuff is supposed to be coming out soon as everything is ready to roll.

And right now, it’s all up for grabs at “early bird” pricing. Check it out here.