Athens 2014: Bowers and Wilkins presents the new CM Series 2


hes-2014Instead of the 800 series (which has been around for a century or so), B&W brought in the just introduced CM series 2 speakers paired with the “down to earth” priced Rotel electronics; a match that should be close to perfection considering the two brands are under the same umbrella.

The three-way, five speaker CM 10 s2 now sports a decoupled double dome aluminum tweeter separated from the main cabinet and placed above the speaker, Mundorf capacitors in the cross-over and Van den Hul wiring. Along with the Kevlar® fiber cone FST midrange and the 3 woofers with flowport bass reflex placed in the back this is a must listen for all those after a mid-priced classy speaker for home theater or two channel stereo system.

The Rotel RC1570 pre-amplifier/ DAC, RCD1570 CD player and RB 1582mkII power amplifier connected with Supra cables made a nice impression in Pink Floyd’s all time classic “Money” from the 30th anniversary CD with the high frequencies being more pronounced than in the previous CM series. In some passages a slight congestion was perceived in the voices, a trait I’m not sure if to attribute to the room acoustics or the Kevlar mid it-self.




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