CES 2015, The Personal Audio Perspective: Sennheiser Orpheus


by Warren Chi

I begin my annual pilgrimage at the Las Vegas Convention Center’s South Hall. For personal audiophiles the world over, this is our Mecca. Dutifully, I faced east within South Hall and headed straight towards our Kaaba.

Behold! It is the wondrous Sennheiser Orpheus!

If you’ve never heard it, then I can only say that it sucks to be you. You cannot possibly understand the ecstatic rapture that caused this pansy ass to weep like a little girl.

Actually, I’m just teasing you. If I’m to be honest, I’ve heard non-Orpheus rigs that are mythically good in their own way.

A Stax SR-007 Mk I powered by a KGSSHV is truly something special. A Stax SR-009 powered by a Cavalli Liquid Lightning 2T or Blue Hawaii remains a true reference point for many far and wide. And I have it on good authority that a Stax SR-009 powered by a Frank Cooter amp will make your ears spoodge all day long. Heck, even a well-assembled HD 800 rig has something unique to offer in comparison to an Orpheus.

Nonetheless, the Orpheus’s rarity does give it an unobtanium status that puts it a tad bit higher than anything else on the totem pole.

And for that reason alone, I offer it my respect and adoration once a year.


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