Rane Corporation and the ultimate audio enhancement


raneOver the years we have seen, auditioned and reviewed many incredible “audio enhancement” products. The industry press, forums and blogs have discussed — at considerable depth — the use of Tibetan bells and whistles, ultra diamond and quartz whatsits, teleportation tweaks, quantum leaps and so on. Most of these products come from audio enthusiasts who seem to freely mix science with fiction, personal experience with “applied” physics, to give us a thirty-day return policy of something that promises tighter bass, more liquid mids and silkier highs. Other interesting promises come under the form of time shift error correction, pitchier pitch-black background or “perfect” imaging.

All this is about to be set on its ear, because Rane Corporation, a highly regarded company based in Mukilteo, WA, USA, with almost 35 years of continuous presence in the pro audio sector, launched the ultimate tweak, the one that will put an end to all our quests for the ultimate sound.


The product will be launched with the emblematic code name PI 14, the Rane Pseudoacoustic Infector. The company considers this a revolution for the audio industry so I invite you to read carefully some of the key features which include:

  •  Independent Power & Glory Switches
  •  Continuously Variable This/That Level
  •  Full-Function Ecstasy Generator
  •  Variable This to That Crossover Frequency
  •  Here-There Pan (Back Again Switching)
  •  Program Dependent Sheen Removal
  •  Time Warp Compression/Expansion to Synchronize Here/There Time Coordinates

The PI 14 will take advantage of nothing less than a 128-bit micro-controller, pneumonic suspension to reduce gravitational electron drift due to tilted chassis, and proprietary paint that reflects odd-ordered harmonics.

Coming from a pro audio company, the looks are somewhat utilitarian but the built quality is expected to be top-notch with a concrete chassis for vibration control and easy to access front panel knobs.

As for me, I admit I can’t wait to get my hands on one, my system always lacked in this/that level adjustment — not to mention a bit of glory!


Editor’s Note: Unfortunately, this product has already been reviewed by world-leading experts (linked from the product page) and due to the comprehensiveness of that opus, Rane Corp is no longer accepting requests for review samples.

About Rane Corporation

Since 1981 musicians, DJs, contractors and integrators have chosen Rane Corporation (rane.com) as an established innovator in problem-solving pro audio tools, affordably priced with unequalled reliability and customer service. Rane’s primary marketplaces are DJ (performance, club, mobile & recording) and Commercial (room-combining, paging and associated systems) featuring innovative analog and digital audio products for each category. Based in Mukilteo, WA, all products are designed and manufactured exclusively in the United States from imported and domestic parts with worldwide product distribution.

Rane Corporation

10802 47th Avenue West, Mukilteo, WA

98275-5000, USA

Price TBA

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  1. I was really hoping for the optional mullet shaper & jheri curl dispenser with remote

  2. Didn’t Junji Kimura do this twenty years ago?
    But it was just one part with no external connections or human interface.
    Didn’t even need to be in the same building as your system.
    It worked via quantum entanglement.
    I think it was called the Seuss Filter.
    Ted Denney was the first to discover that no matter what you did to it, it always came up 42.

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