Volti Audio Headphone Stands


Greg Roberts of Volti Audio sent me a set of his brand-new headphone stands ($149 each).

Headphone guys wouldn’t have any real reason to know about Volti Audio, or my love affair with his giant loudspeakers, but for the record, I’m not the only one with a serious love for them.

Interestingly, Greg came to this end of the world by way of high-end custom home building. Probably where he honed his mad woodworking skillz, and how he was able to horde all of the gear necessary to lovingly craft those behemoth speakers.

Well, now he’s sculpting headphone stands. From Greg:

When I did my research on headphone stands, I read what headphone users had to say about certain designs.  Negatives included designs that compressed the earpads, stretched the headband, or caused an indentation in the headband (from a dowel for instance).  So these are all things we addressed in our design.

We also made ours taller than most others, and with three points of contact it is more stable than others.  The saddle behind the pod is for hanging the cable, if the user wants to – a more elegant design than a peg sticking out of the side of the stand.

I think having a real leather pad is a unique and tasteful touch to the overall design.  Inside the pad is a thin piece of metal that allows the user to match the pad shape to their headband.

There’s a few dozen variations and options, so feel free to explore the combinations over on his website.













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