NYIAS 2015: Maserati with Bowers and Wilkins


NYIAS_LogoMany of my friends with car fetishes will wax poetic about the road-feel and handling of the new mid-engines Porsches, but all I hear is blah blah blah. Holy sh*t, was that a flipping Maserati?

Yeah, I got a thing for the Trident. I mean, hell, if you’re gonna drop over $100k on a car, you might as well look like a Boss.

Finding out information on the in-car audio systems, sourced from Bowers & Wilkins, however, was a bit challenging.

The optional package ($5,200) for the Quattroporte and new Ghibli are fifteen speakers in a 1,280 watt DSP-based system that makes heavy use of the woven Kevlar B&W cones. Finding that out, however, meant a trip to the only configurator. Which brings me up to a general comment about this show — almost no one on the floor had any idea at all about the details of the various sound systems that were available. It was like pulling teeth. When we actually found someone that knew something, we stopped and gawped.

Anyway, the system in these cars were not available for audition. Something about not wanting to run down the batteries or something. A pity, but not a surprising one and fairly common at the show.

But I’ll offer this — the inside of a Maserati is every bit as awesome as the outside. And that Ghibli, especially, has my name on it. I could hear it. Calling me.

“Hey, dumbass …”

Oh, yeah. Sign me up. No, seriously. Big, heaping bowl of I WANT THIS.










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