AXPONA 2015: Brokenpress Design+Fabrication


Not everything at an audio show has to sound good. That makes sense. If we were honest with each other, we’d admit that this “it’s all about the music” line of bull we peddle each other is complete nonsense. It’s not all about the music. It’s just as much about enjoying our stuff. Listening to it, touching it, and, yes, looking at it are all important.

Meet Brokenpress Design+Fabrication, a Chicago house specializing in bespoke interpretations of Mid-Century Modern styles. Or, as I like to think of it, simple stuff that looks good.

For what it’s worth: this stuff looks really good.

Jennifer Bakija hung out with a bunch of Brokenpress’s MCM consoles and answered questions all weekend. The biggest question in front of her, “do you ship to Oregon,” had a great answer. “We’re just ready to start shipping nationwide,” she told me. “We wanted to make sure that we could pack this stuff well enough to survive.” According to the listings on the Etsy shop, it’s also priced to be a bargain in audiophile terms.

Hey, you need a place to put your stereo, right? It might as well look good.



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