High End 2015: Nagra Audio


HE15_Logo_GB_01Nagra Audio was showing off a new amplifier – the Classic (€14,500) – which replaces the outgoing MSA amplifier I reviewed here.

The Classic retains the Class A bias and switching PSU that characterized the friendly MSA, but adds a larger PSU with dramatically increased capacitance, even as it delivers the same 100wpc. Bridging the amp (a switch) creates a 200wpc mono.

Also new? The HD Amplifier (€75k/pair). Derived from the same HD line (as opposed to the Classic line) that was spearheaded by the HD DAC last year, the HD Amplifier is a statement piece. It’s also big. Think “tower” – that, and 1.8kwpc, pretty much says it all. Availability is planned for September. A stereo version, as well as an integrated, will be introduced at the Hong Kong Show in August.







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