High End 2015: dCS


HE15_Logo_GB_01Ran into John Quick (US importer for dCS) while ogling the new dCS Rossini DAC, and he gave me the scoop on this new beauty. This DAC will be bumping out the Scarlatti, if I recall correctly, and will be expanded into a full line forthwith.

The Rossini can be ordered two ways, itself an interesting nod to the times – the first is as a straight-up DAC ($22.5K), the second as a DAC with an integral CD-transport ($27k). That’s right. No separate transport for this new line. Also note that the Esoteric-sourced transports are no longer available, so this vestigial tail is CD-only – SACD is no longer supported (but DSD itself most certainly is).

In whatever configuration, the Rossini is also a streamer in addition to a DAC, with a renderer built-in for pulling files from your NAS. Tidal, Spotify, Deezer are all in play. The converter boards are derived from the flagship Vivaldi, but there is a brand-new control board developed post-Vivaldi that promises significant performance upgrades far belying it’s relatively non-flagship status.

Vivaldi owners never fear – updates and upgrades are on the way.

General availability for Rossini is planned for late summer.






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