High End 2015: AVID HiFi



Well known British turntable company AVID launched in Munich a new, impressive series of reference electronics including a 60.000 euro pre-amplifier with external power supply and 63.000 euro/ pair mono power amps capable of 400W/8Ohms. Design-wise, they definitely look the part being big, black and did I mention big? Each mono houses a massive 2KVA toroidal transformer and serious filtering capacitance which usually represent a guarantee of serious engineering.

Both designs are balanced, use high quality passive materials while casework is top quality too with massive aluminum plates used for vibration damping. Coming from a company who specializes in vinyl playback, you would expect the reference pre-amplifier to have a decent phono stage, and you would be spot on. Actually, it is much more than decent, it features two independent phono boards with adjustable gain, loading and capacitance variable directly from the front panel knobs. A very useful mono function is also included together with a subsonic filter. It has been a while since we’ve seen such a vinyl oriented pre-amplifier, most companies are pushing towards embedded DACs these days. The all-important potentiometer is a custom (read: expensive) ALPS made to AVID’s specifications. In the not so distant future, AVID intends to release trickle-down versions of these with prices in the “affordable” range.

AVID naturally provided the turntable for the show, an Acutus Reference SP fitted with SME V tonearm and a more modest Benz Glider while inside the room one could admire the complete line of turntables.

The room was co-hosted by EgglestonWorks speakers with the three-way and $25.000 Andra III showing off some truly dynamic and engaging sound with maybe a tad of booming in a Yello record which was spinning during my time in the room. Unfortunately I did not manage to listen to the newest designs by Eggleston, the Emma, Nico and Camilla which represent a new approach in cabinet design for the Memphis based company.













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