High End 2015: Ypsilon, Bergmann, Perfect8


HE15_Logo_GB_01Ypsilon Electronics gave another excellent performance this year with their complete line up of tube hybrid amplifiers and sources. An upgraded version of the Aelius mono power amps ($36.000), with silver interstage transformers, and driven by the 100 PST Mark II pre-amplifier ($37.000), performed very well on the classic “Mr. Bones” by Steve Strauss on LP.

Ypsilon brought their CDT 100 CD transport and DAC 100 converter, but I focused on the analog front end, which is rarely absent in the Munich top floor rooms. The turntable came from Bergmann, their Magne System, which is among the few modern designs that offer exquisite minimalistic aesthetics, serious engineering and great sound, all at the same time. The Transfiguration Orpheus MC cartridge was singing through Ypsilon’s VPS 100 phono stage and matching step up transformer while speakers were sourced from Swedish company Perfect 8.

The Point MkIII (website still has the MkII model) priced at $100.000 is a rather peculiar design made from glass panels and not the typical MDF wood, and there is no sign of internal treatment as well. An open dipole with 2×7” magnesium midrange drivers and air motion tweeter sits on top of a pair of 10” woofer housed in a glass box which also contains a 400Watts class D amp for each bass driver.

Finite Elemente provided the beautiful Pagode APS racks while cabling was a mix of Kubala Sosna and zip cords! At first sight the speakers would have you expecting a cold and maybe soul-less sound, but as I already mentioned this was not the case. Instead, guitar strings were reverberating in the room in almost “live” fashion, with ambience and texture during the playback.

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