High End 2015: Blumenhofer, Einstein, TechDAS


HE15_Logo_GB_01Pairing a huge 16” woofer with a compression tweeter usually leaves a gap in the crucial mid frequencies but Blumenhofer Acoustics managed to get things right. The Genuin FS1 mk2 pairs the woofer with a rather wide 1,4” horn loaded titanium tweeter for a very easy to drive 96dB bass reflex speaker with the port firing to the floor.

Electronics were provided by Einstein, a company who has little imagination when it comes to naming their equipment; on display: The Preamp, The Phonoamp and a pair of Silver Bullet OTL monos capable of 65W/8Ohm, I’ll let you figure out what each does.

The phono stage was a brand new design, first public appearance and performed in a most musical fashion, conveying tunes with rhythm and pace in perfect synergy with the in-house produced The Pick Up Cartridge (bingo! it is an MC cartridge) mounted on an Ikeda tonearm and TechDAS Airforce One turntable. Cabling was provided by Cammino along with a Power Harmonizer that served as passive filter and surge protector.

A record to die for, and old school reviewer’s favorite for “PRaT”, is Mancini’s “Pink Panther”; the visitors were tapping their feet on the ground, always a sign for good sound.

Aurender is the Proud Sponsor for High End Munich 2015