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High End 2015: Thöress and Sperling

Some would say that Reinhard Thöress of Thöress Audio makes high-end audio like it’s supposed to be made. Simple. Pure. Direct. Tubed.

I’ve been a fan for years — I’ve owned his phono preamp for several years, and if I didn’t already have a set of limited-output amplifiers, his would be on my list. I just completely dig his retro vibe, where “retro” = something built before WWII.

New-to-me was the 2CD12 MKII Loudspeaker ($19,450 US/pair), said to be of very high sensitivity, featuring a “transmission-line” (sort of) architecture, an 8″ woofer and paired with a constant-directivity horn design featuring a 2″ under-hung voice coil Morel compression tweeter jammed down it’s throat.

Paired here with the familiar Phono Equalizer ($12,475) and what looks like a new preamplifier ($11,975 US), along with the familiar and absolutely delicious 300b monos. Tucked back in the back of the bottom rack were a pair of 845 monos ($14,475 US). Not sure if there was some creative bi-amping going on in there or not.

A Sperling L-3 turntable and Sperling tonearm (roughly $30K US together) spun the tunes into the room. All the racks were from Paralyse

New, off to the side, was a forthcoming Thöress integrated. An SE input stage featuring  EC86 input tube will be matched up with a SE Mosfet output stage for about 15wpc. The integrated, which is targeting the €8k price-point, will also feature a first for Thöress: a remote control.

I will say this for the sound: given that Reinhard was working in, essentially, a cardboard iso-box on the floor of the Halls in Munich, the sound was shockingly good. Textures were spot-on, and timbre was goose-bump-real. This was some of the very best sound on the Halls in Munich, a gem in a field of rubble.

Did I mention I’m a fan? I’m a fan. Love this stuff. Serve me up a double-helping, if you please.

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