Newport Beach 2015

Newport 2015: Acapella and Audio Note

By Rafe Arnott “The [Acapella] Atlas offers an extraordinarily open and transparent sound in a more compact home loudspeaker system.” Uh, compact? These speakers are over six-feet tall and weigh in around 350 lbs apiece, […]

High End 2015

High End 2015: Vitus Audio

I’ve been using some Vitus Audio Reference electronics in my reference system for some time now, mainly on the recommendation of a friend and long-time dealer, Doug White at The Voice That Is. I’ve been […]

High End 2015

High End 2015: RHA

RHA Audio makes earbuds in the same way that Jaguar makes cars. That is, they’re terrifically solid, are awesome on the road, and are sure to make your friends make all manner of silly noises […]