Capital Audiofest Starts Friday

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This Friday marks the sixth annual Capital Audiofest in (or near) our Nation’s Capital.

This show is my “local show”, which is fun, and it’s also the audio show that kicked me off the cliff. That is, it’s the one that started the whole “show coverage” as a thing here at Part-Time Audiophile. So yes, you can blame Gary Gill for that.

This year, I have the pleasure to be your dunk-tank dude on Saturday, along with Art Dudley and Herb Reichert of Stereophile. Be sure to come find us at 1pm, and feel free to bring all of your burning questions about “the audible contribution of audiophile cables” or whatever else is top-of-mind.

Then, on Sunday at 1pm, I get to put Sandy Gross in the catbird seat. Many of you know that Sandy is the helped found GoldenEar, Definitive and Polk Audio, but that’s really just the tip of the iceberg. The guy is fascinating, so come and bring him some questions if you want to help steer his interview.

Lyn Stanley is also performing — did you hear? Absolutely lovely voice, and I’m sure she’ll be signing stuff and — gasp — even singing. I know! Imagine. You can find her at the bar at 7pm on Saturday — but why wait? Amazon Prime folks can have her latest, Potions,  in 2 days. Though, I suspect she may have a few copies on hand at the show ….

What else? The seminar schedule is online, but let me call your attention to them. Lattermost first is Matthew Barton, Curator of Recorded Sound, Library of Congress. Matt will be presenting – “Recorded Sound at the Library of Congress: A Backstage Tour of the World’s Largest Recording Collection” an overview of sound formats generally and in roughly chronological order, taking in not only commercial recordings, but field recordings, radio broadcasts and other highlights of the Library of Congress’s collection, all with an eye towards demonstrating just how good old recordings can actually sound, and how much underappreciated and underutilized audio there is out there. That’ll be at 230pm on Saturday.

And for you cable-controversy fans out there, “designer David Salz of Wireworld Cable Technology will discuss and demonstrate the various ways specific sonic effects of cables can be observed, including a new test that works with hi-rez music files. David will also explain the various ways that cables affect the sound we hear.” Find Dave at 11am on Saturday.

Last but not least, Bill Hutchins of LKV Research will be talking about his phono preamplifier designs (no feedback and no opamps over here, baby!).

Want more?

Turns out, there’s a lot more.

Mat Weisfeld of VPI will be on hand, pretty much everywhere. I’m told that he’s bringing about 25 turntables for the other exhibitors — including something brand-new (don’t tell anyone, but it’s a massive metal monster called the “Capital Scout” — see below) and something almost-new, something I’m nearly bouncing about, the new Avenger. Me want! Me want!


Dan Wright of ModWright will be there with two new pieces — and I’m pretty sure I’m not supposed to let the cat out of the bag, but expect to find out the details pronto.

Klaus Bunge of Odyssey Audio will be on hand. Pretty much sums it up right there, but if I could clarify for the unwashed — Klaus puts on a monster demo with gear at prices that will make many a high-end dealer blush.

Fern & Roby will be on hand with a new turntable.

Backert Labs will be there with a new, lower-cost, preamplifier — exciting, since their “flagship” preamplifier is freakin’ awesome.

Greg Takesh will have a new speaker.

Madison-Fielding also has a new speaker, a “lifestyle” speaker, where “lifestyle” = sitting around at the cabana, sipping margaritas while unfortunately half-clad (unfortunate for me, that is).

MyEmia (hand-wound autoformers, anyone?) wil be there.

Volti Audio will be there.

BorderPatrol? There.

Vinnie Rossi? Yep, there.

And yes, Bricasti and The Voice That Is will both be there, showing off two completely separate systems both fronted by amazing Tidal loudspeakers.

Did I mention that Jolida is giving tons of stuff away … for free … because they’ve lost their ever-lovin’ minds? Yeah. That’s happening, too.

Oh, and don’t forget: Master Tape Events are after-hours, both Friday and Saturday nights. Go find Greg Beron of United Home Audio anytime after 9pm to have your mind completely blown.

Is there more? Yes, there is. There’s about 40 demo rooms stuffed to the gills, plus more besides. Headphones, vinyl, music, and of course, Yours Truly. Don’t forget to stop me and say “Hi!”

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  1. Dan Wright of ModWright premiers something all new, a component type never prior offered by this great company. I can’t say more, except to highly recommend a listen. I respectfully request images posted if anyone visits with a camera.

  2. Great introduction and tease to get Audiophlies to our show. Thanks for your continuing support, it’s much appreciated

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