Vincent Bélanger now on Indiegogo


I had a great experience at Capital Audiofest this year, courtesy of Audio Note UK — a live presentation by Vincent Bélanger, accompanied by Vincent Bélanger played back over an all-Audio Note system. I thought it was fantastic!

After that presentation, when everyone was standing around slack-jawed, Vincent mentioned that he’d be launching an Indiegogo campaign to help fund his next album, Pure Cello.

That campaign launched today. Introducing Bélanger Pure Cello: The listening experience.

According to the page, funds are for equipment, facility rental, paying the technical team, artwork for the manufacturing of the CD and vinyl, and of course, their promotion.

A few options are on offer, including digital download, CD and vinyl. The selections are from Cassadó and Grützmacher, Bach and Reger. Interesting stuff.

I’ve already pre-ordered my vinyl!

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