RMAF 2015: Technics makes retro cool


rmaf-2015-200x200For those keeping track, I first got the drop on Technics back at the Capital Audiofest last month, but if you were wondering if that was a one-off — it’s not!

Shown here was pretty much (okay, exactly) the same gear as I saw and heard at that show, and pretty (okay, exactly) to the same effect — but this time, I spent some time with the little fellers in the “Premium Class” (aka, “entry-level”, at least, at this point), including the SB-C700 stand-mount loudspeakers ($1700) and their nifty (and flat!) coaxial driver, the SU-C700 integrated ($1600), and ST-C700 Network Audio Player ($1100). I’ll leave you here with a tease — this stuff is way better than the price tags suggest. Technics is jamming a lot of performance into these cabinets, in just the way that shouts “value” at all the right decibels. Why a tease? Because it’s all coming home to papa (well, if only for a few weeks). More on all that soon.

But I do have a sneaky bit to share.

Again, for those keeping track, the Premium Class slots in under the Reference Class, and by a goodly margin. So “goodly”, that the reasonable fellow might wonder if that space between were just waiting for something to come along and fill it. That intuition would be spot-on.

Coming soonish (as in, still TBD but probably not before an overseas launch early next year) is the “Grand Series”. A Network Audio Amplifier SU-G30 will offer input-to-output digital architecture pulled directly from the Reference Class, the integrated (with 50wpc/doubling into 4Ω) is designed to be an all-in-one unit that can pull and handle signal (up to and including 5.6Mhz DSD and 32/384 PCM) from Spotify, Internet radio, DLNA, Bluetooth, USB as well as analog inputs. It also features Reference Class design features like JENO (Jitter Elimination and Noise-shaping Optimization), GaN-FET Driver, and LAPC (Load-Adaptive Phase Calibration), which are all discussed at length on the Technics site.

The Music Server ST-G30 will bring a bit-perfect on-the-fly CD-ripper to the party, storing to an internal SSD, but it can also be used as a USB-based DAC, in addition to being a network streamer. Not necessarily required for use with the SU-G30, but there’s some interesting feature overlaps planned.

Another interesting bit forthcoming will be an all-in-one system called Ottava SC-C500. An integrated amp/DAC/streamer will be paired with loudspeakers for the credenza-top “lifestyle” market. Again, no word on availability of pricing — stay tuned.

Last but not least, the EAH-T700 Premium Stereo Headphone, an Technics dynamic-driver (50mm + 14mm super tweeter) headphone that will target the likes of Sennheiser HD800, the ENIGMAcoustics Dharma and others. Expect a price tag in the plus $1k arena. Availability is also TBD.

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