RMAF 2015: Cavalli hits the road


rmaf-2015-200x200Alex Cavalli of Cavalli Audio is that tall, thin stork of a man, the one likely wearing a cowboy hat, a pair of sunglasses and a “I could break you” stare. He’s a little scary.

But his amps? A delicious serving of personal audio awesomesauce. I have a Cavalli Liquid Gold as a personal reference, and I have yet to find a better match for a great many top-tier headphones.

But that’s not the story here.

What’s new (or at least, new-to-me) is the portable amps. Yes, portable. One you can stick in your bag, the other, you can stick in a pocket. That, my friends, is Audio Winning.

The smaller of the two (the pocket-sized one), looks like it’ll be called Liquid Silicon (price is TBD). It’ll be good for 360mW @ 50Ω with less than 1/10Ω output impedance in a fully discrete (no op-amps) circuit. Should have two levels of gain, a 15 hour battery life, and powerable via batter or an external brick. More details soon; orders should start on or about Jan 1.

Also new, the Liquid Carbon. More portable than pocketable, the LC is a desktop-sized unit that is fully-balanced. Price is $599 for this first (and possibly only) run — shipments start next month (November).

I spent a goodly amount of time listening to some Vicious Delicious from Infected Mushroom, and the bass coming off the MrSpeakers Ether headphones was sick. Flipping from the Liquid Silicon to the Liquid Carbon added scale and soundstaging, but that little guy is gonna be crazy-good for easier-to-drive cans (and IEMs).

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