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Here we are, mid-November. It’s a glorious time to be alive.


I say that with full acknowledgement of the “challenges”, which is a nice euphemism for “a can of worms I’m happy to open, but don’t really think this is the forum for it.” I don’t want to minimize, marginalize, or dismiss any of that, and I’d be one of the first to suggest that The Great Work is just as daunting as it ever was. But I submit that only staring at challenges is a great way to lose the forest for a particular set of offensive trees. But it’s a big forest. And while some of those trees are bent, twisted and burnt … many are not. Threatened, yes. But unbent.

You’re welcome to debate any or all of this, as your inclination so chooses. But for now, here, that’s all beside the point. Here, I choose to celebrate that most human of endeavors. Art!

The weather has turned here, in the Mid-Atlantic region of the USA; the leaves have mostly fallen and their brilliant colors are fading into the ground. Nighttime flirts with frost. It’s time — past time — to warm up the stereo.

So, let’s talk about Part-Time Audiophile.

October was a little nutty — our traffic to the site doubled. In total, our pages have been devoured over 4,000,000 times. I’m a little alarmed by all the attention, actually. Gratified, sure, but I’m appalled that you all don’t have better things to do.

Which brings me to the What’s New part of the programme. Turns out, there’s a bit.

As I explore my own professional what’s-next (did someone say, “new job?”), I’ve decided to do some crazy stuff with some vintage gear. To that end, I’ve been visited by a pair of Altec 604-8G/Model 17 that showed up just this weekend, courtesy of local vintage dealer HiFiTown. A pair of refurbed Quad ESL-63 speakers may also show up shortly, courtesy of Kent McCollum at Electrostatic Solutions. As for either, I can honestly offer that I have no idea why either are happening, other than the fact that I seem clinically unable to just go ahead and take the blue pill. Anyway, more on that front as the story develops.

But I thought you might like to know “What’s Coming” in the next few weeks. So, let’s get to that.

The following list is not comprehensive, but it is reasonably ordered (by author). I’m sure I’m forgetting 6-8 planned reviews, and some of the latter pieces may reassign themselves, so take all of this with a grain of salt. But here it is, the Big Queue! Stay Tuned ….

The Big Queue

Updated 12/20/15


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    • I spoke to John DeVore about this very thing. We may have a shot at it come spring, but I may have something I can do prior ….

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