Neil Young talks Pono at Canadian launch in Vancouver

“The whole mission of [Pono] is a labor of love, and we’ve been banging against a lot of walls with this, but we’re persisting because we have something that is going to endure.” –Neil Young
Neil Young, who I feel needs no introduction here, sat down with more than a dozen media outlets on Monday in Vancouver, British Columbia to discuss the Canadian launch of his sometimes controversial high-res Pono Music player and high-res Pono Music downloads store.

The following is unedited audio file of Neil’s back and forth with the media on Pono, his thoughts on the music industry, personal music ideology and his take on the state of the art in digital music reproduction.

Neil Young in Studio 2 at Warehouse Studios on the Pono player; “Like anything different… it’s different.”

Neil also did a handful of one-on-ones, the following is the unedited interview.

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