Burson Audio Conductor v2 now on Indiegogo

Conductor v2indiegogo_logo_white_med_resApparently, Indiegogo knows a thing or two about business. Specifically, cash flow and how to get it into your hot, sweaty hands. Assuming you have an idea. And, hopefully, a clue as to how to get that idea into the world as an actual product.

Witness the latest — this time, Burson Audio is stepping up to bat with a brand new headphone amplifier/digital converter combo called the Conductor v2.

I bought a Conductor almost three years ago (I guess that’d be Conductor v1), and had my colleague Brian Hunter review it for Part-Time Audiophile. I upgraded the USB-section shortly after that review — which was great, BTW — but haven’t really dusted the old beast off in a while … but now, I kinda want to trade up.

Chimi-freakin-changa, the new Conductor looks bad ass.

  • Massive “twin turbo” toroidal power supplies sourced from BMW and currently found in their award-winning S 1000 RR motorcycles (and, coincidentally, the new Apollo rockets), which are good for:
  • 8 gigawatts per channel (new motto: “it glows or it blows”), and comes wrapped in:
  • Armor plating, pulled directly from the BMW 7-Series ultra-lux sedans (with optional turrets), but lest you think that’s unsexy, there’s:
  • A “personal interactive mode”, with “disco ball lighting”, and a user-selectable set of British-accented male and female vocal responses (apparently, there’s a “secret” perk that unlocks a “special” setting and comes with some attachments, all of which I find particularly intriguing)

Okay, okay. Fine. So the Apollo rockets thing may be over the top. Do check out the Indiegogo page for actual details.

deadpoolThere are some 20 of “streamlined” (no DAC) v2’s offered at special one-off price of $850; miss that, and the price will spring up to $899. Likewise, the first 20 lucky souls unzipping $1275 will net an ultra-cuddly “With DAC” version; prices will gush up to $1,399 after those early, but very happy, endings.

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  1. Can this be used as a phone preamp also? I don’t see the outputs or maybe I’m just missing them. If so, any idea of how this rates in regards to other phono preamps?
    Thank you

    • It’s a headphone amp, with a volume control and analog + digital inputs. You’ll still need a phono pre. Maybe one from Lounge Audio?

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