Goodbye, Richard

richard-2Yesterday, I got word that my friend Richard Beers had passed away.

Richard, as many of you know, was the showrunner for both T.H.E. Show in Newport and T.H.E. Show in Las Vegas. I wish I could say that I knew him better, but I’ve only been covering his shows for the last four years and Richard has been a pillar of the audio community for far longer than that.

A lovely tribute, far more detailed that I could have managed, is available over at T.H.E. Show. A guestbook to share memories can also be found there.

In our short acquaintance, I found Richard to be utterly charming and hugely generous. He always had a kind word, a quick smile, and seemed ever on the edge of that legendary laugh. He never sat still, but was always on the move — there with a quiet word, a wink, a handshake or hug — and then off to the next person, plan, problem, or adventure.

Richard was funny as hell and mean as a bag of snakes. Never without his wit, which had been sharpened to a point that was casually murderous, Richard stole every scene he entered. A story-teller of truly epic proportions (all of which I will keep to myself for good, solid, legal reasons), he was a grandmaster of the outlandish and outrageous. I’m pretty sure he saw it as a personal mission to scandalize as many as possible, as often as possible, and he was terrifically good at it.

He was a dervish, a devil, and he will be sorely missed.

With much love and affection to our beloved friend, Richard — Godspeed, sir. Your memory will always make me smile. And laugh.

We will miss you terribly.