CanJam SoCal 2016: FIIO and SoundMagic


Seal_FINAL_CanJamSoCal2016FIIO, the maker of affordable digital audio players, was showing with SoundMagic, the maker of affordable headphones.

The K5 (available on Amazon for $109) is the docking station for a variety of FIIO players, and features a DAC and a current-feedback 1.5 watt headphone amplifier. It also features a set of balanced line outs (via a pair of mini jacks, around back) as well as a set of single-ended RCA.

A SoundMagic HP200 over-ear headphone (available on Amazon for $189) was wired into the flagship X7 player/K5 dock combo. Big 53mm drivers on that can make for a big sound. 95dB sensitivity in an open-back format, the HP200 was surprisingly good.

Audio bits scattered the table here — was kinda hard to sort through the what-was-what, but affordable audio enthusiasts had a lot to fiddle about with. From players the size of a matchbook (remember playing with matches?) to a suite of extremely inexpensive in-ear monitors, this table had it all for the budget minded.

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