Music Matters 11: Rega


by Mohammed Samji

Definitive Audio in Seattle, WA.


Nice to see a room with great sound combined with a humbler price. The complete Rega system came in under $10,000, about the cost of some individual cables in other rooms!

Most folks are familiar with the turntables, but Rega in fact makes every piece of gear you would expect in a hifi system. All of their products are still made in the UK.

One thing I love about shows is discovering new music & venues. That night, in the Rega room Funeral March by Edvard Grieg @ Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center in Dallas. WOW! Imagine a concert hall with a series of 80-ton concrete slabs hanging from the ceiling! 80-tons that can be lowered or raised to change the acoustic size of the room. There are also doors in the rear that can be used to adjust the reverb of the room.

To close out the night, my foot was tapping, and my ears were singing to a Blood, Sweat and Tears played on a Rega RP6 table with the Rega Exact cartridge. Definitely brought out the best of the new Rega RX5 speaker. I’d love to spend more time with both that table and those loudspeakers.

Rega-43 Rega-44 Rega-45 Rega-19 Rega-20