AXPONA 2016: Spring on the Veranda, with PlanterSpeakers


axponaI’m telling you, you’re missing out.

Last year, I wrote about the magical mystery that was Planter Speakers, and I’m here to remind you to get the flock out of your listening room and enjoy some of this damn fine Spring weather before the hell of The Eternal Scorch descends from the angry gods of climate change and scours us from the surface of the Earth forever. I mean, if you want to. You can feel free to remain entombed in your sanctum sanctorum.

Here at AXPONA, Art Powers had four variations on their theme. The familiar Flagstone 3-way loudspeakers were there, of course, in the familiar gray or black. Flanking those were the versions in teak ($6k/pair) or reclaimed wood ($5k/pair), and both looked quite dashing.

I understand the hesitation about the pricing — this isn’t a cheap POS designed to simply squawk at you while you mow the lawn; these bad boys are all about making real music, doing that in free space, and sounding terrifically bad-ass while doing so. That, as I have found out the hard way, is rather difficult.

They’re weather sealed, obviously, and designed with the full expectation that they’ll be left out, au naturel, all year-long. Yes, in the rain, sun, snow, or apocalypse — take your pick. Just add suitable, weatherproof, wire — and run them directly off your home theater rig, or something tucked away out of the nasty-nasty, and then, have at it.

If I had my druthers, I’d probably opt for the new reclaimed wood as they’d fit more with my sense of decor (think driftwood), but those teak ones are quite fancy.

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