AXPONA 2016: Inspiration from Gershman Acoustics


axponaOne of the best sounding rooms at AXPONA was the Gershman Acoustics room with their new, more affordable Inspiration speakers driven by Lamm electronics and am Oracle CD player as a digital source. I have always like their more traditional Gershman offerings that always have a beautiful “swan-like” shape. However, these Inspiration speakers are rectangular in shape, held some 6-8 inches off the ground by two tall wooden sides. Gershman’s own “LVC” isolation devices which use levitation from opposing magnets supported the Oracle CD player above the Lamm Industries model LL2.1 preamp.

Driver complement was a dual chamber tweeter, carbon fibre midrange, and a custom manufactured 10 inch woofer made in Canada. Frequency response was 18hz to 20khz. Sensitivity is 89db. Recommended power is 60 watts. Nominal impedance is 6 ohms. Fit and finish looked terrific and the speakers are solid at 89 pounds each.

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Based in Ontario, Chief Designer Eli Gershman takes full advantage of the innovative National Research Council facilities in Canada. Using anechoic chambers to better understand the radiation patterns of their designs, Gershman is able to eliminate much of the speaker’s distortions. Gershman also has a history of producing monitors for pro recording studios. The obvious low distortion design of the Inspiration drivers created real advantages for producing music.

The sound was simply superb. Very musical but capturing a lot of wonderful detail. The Lamm electronics sounded natural and proved an excellent match for the speaker. I could have stayed in this room for a long time. I need to spend some more time with both Gershman and Lamm. This is a natural match!

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