High End 2016: Wait, what? Already?


I’m moments from liftoff, headed back to Munich Germany for this year’s ultra-extravaganza that is the pinnacle of the annual “audio show circuit”. I am psyched. I’m freaked out. I’m gonna be a total zombie.

My trip this year wasn’t supposed to happen; it all just sort of fell together at the last-minute. Happily, my passport was still up to date, the Rilano Hotel still had space, so here I go.

High-End coverage brought to you by Underwood HiFi, Exogal and Emerald Physics

I’ve written about this show many times — about its size, its contours, its differences with American shows. All of that still holds, and this year, I plan to add quite a few more piles of peat to that smoldering fire.

What I’m expecting? Mayhem. Madness. Maniacal laughter. The sound of enormous horns and tiny amplifiers, of bazillion-dollar systems, and bespoke-this-that-and-the-other. That is, I have no idea. It’s really that kind of show.

Dr. K and I will be onsite, wandering. Keep an eye out for all that.

And yes — AXPONA coverage is still happening. High End will just drop right on top of all that. And, if we’re lucky, Newport coverage will begin before too long, and the merriment will continue. Welcome to Audio Spring, where everything happens all at once! Don’t worry — it’s gonna get loud.

In the meantime, feel free to pull your lederhosen on with a recap of last year, and this, my summary of what’s-what and what-happened-to-whom. As you can see, it’s a rrrrrrrelly-big-shewwww.


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