High End 2016: A glorious return from Metaxas


Metaxas has achieved quasi-legendary status as a recording engineer and his amplifier designs always had a cult following. After years without doing anything tangible for the high-end market, he has finally returned with refined versions of his classic designs — only this time they are different. Different as in: out of this world gorgeous CNC sculpted machines that seem to come from back from the future.

Do you have the classic boxy power amps in mind? Nothing like that. Not even close.

Not sure on how to describe such designs, a friend told me they resemble space bugs, but let me tell you they are stunning. You might think otherwise, I stick with the “de gustibus non est disputandum”.

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During the show, the Opus preamplifier and the Solitaire power amp were paired with the French Apertura speakers, a relatively affordable -10.000 euro- stand mount model named Kalya and a DAC from CH Precision. Also on display the classic Ikarus integrated amplifier, redesigned accordingly with the latest Metaxas lines.

Metaxas, attending Munich in person, used for most of the show tracks he personally recorded in the past with his Stellavox reel to reel recorder and gave us a demo with those that will be hard to forget. A coherent reproduction of frequencies from top to bottom, an emotionally engaging playback with traits of air and inner texture blending with palpable, three-dimensional instruments and holographic soundstage. No other room with moderate sized speakers conveyed so much emotion like this one.