High End 2016: Ypsilon and the Hyperion


Ypsilon Electronics introduced the Hyperion mono power amps — and they sound gorgeous. Paired with a pair of Wilson Alexia, the new Hyperion monos were authoritative on low registers, yet still remained delicate and tactile on mid- and high-frequencies. The rest of the line had the Ypsilon brand all over it: the well-known PST-100 pre amp and VPS-100 phono stage along with the CD transport and DAC-100.

Also on display the Dohmann Helix-1 turntable with My Sonic Lab Hyper Eminent cartridge and Ypsilon’s own step-up transformer for an end result that showcased the American speakers like few other times in my past experiences. Yes, because despite what you might read the Alexias require some sane juice to run at their best and up to now Ypsilon’s biggest power amp was only capable of 200Watts, not bad but again not that much either. The new Hyperion output a more substantial 400W/8Ohms which puts them comfortably in the “will drive everything with aplomb” category and priced at 65.000euros per pair it is not that much either, at least for High End Munich standards it isn’t.

Finite Elemente racks and Stage III cables completed the fantastic sounding set up and all this with the power amps being one step from final production, meaning there is still time for additional fine tuning of the sound. By the time the Hyperion power amps hit the market expect them to be among the best sounding out there.

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