High End 2016: Have @@ says Mo Sound


Here is for something different — a new company called Mo Sound coming from Austria and making speaker cabinets from porcelain. The motto of the company is catchy, show some cojones: buy our little extravagant, round, single wide-band-driver desktop speakers….

But the little thingies were fun to listen to; they sounded rather good and totally looked the part of a stylish, yet good-sounding little speaker. The electronics were from Pro-Ject, the ultra-compact DS line which managed to make some really nice tunes with the porcelain balls.

The Mo Sound line consists of three models; we heard the mid priced Superior “super brilliant” one at 1.499 euros and the top of the line Augarten “super premium brilliant” speaker at 3.299 euros along with a small subwoofer, and found both to be quite tasteful. They manage some bass; do not expect them to shake the floor, but literally shine on vocals. Nice!

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