Devialet blows minds with 4,500-watt Gold Phantom

How much power is too much power? How about 4,500 watts?

Those tricky peeps in France decided to soothe our fears about the UK leaving the European Union by changing the conversation entirely, and blowing our collective hair straight back with the announcement of the new GOLD PHANTOM. Yes, GOLD.

Get a Dialog box, two Gold Phantoms, and call it a day.

Here are some pictures, and specs from Devialet’s press releases to drool over while we all catch our breath in this crazy race to zero-out distortion, and drain the world’s supplies of electricity with ever more watts so we can pour sonic bliss over ourselves like gravy. In this case, it’s gold gravy. Ahhhhhh…


Devialet®,  the worldwide leader in high-end audio, today announced Gold PHANTOM™, the most extreme speaker ever made, incorporating:

– EXTREME POWER: Maximum volume of 108db SPL – equivalent to a live rock concert – enabled by 4,500 Watts of power – equivalent to 8 regular PHANTOMs and an unmatched THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) level of .0005%;

– EXTREME JUBILATION: Physical impact of the deepest basses ever reproduced (14Hz) and the unmatched precision of a new titanium tweeter, up to 27kHz, both driven by a new core ADH® (Analog Digital Hybrid amplification);

– EXTREME SOPHISTICATION: 22 kt Rose Gold-finished exterior highlights

Gold PHANTOM now represents the highest-end of the acclaimed range of Devialet PHANTOM audio products, including the original White PHANTOM (750 Watts, $1,990) and Silver PHANTOM (3,000 Watts, $2,390).

Gold PHANTOM will be available at a retail price of $2,990, with pre-orders starting today on and shipping beginning (appropriately) on Bastille Day, the 14th of July 2016.

Rose Gold, and priced to move at $2,990.

More to come as Part-time Audiophile learns more.

–Rafe Arnott