High End 2016: ENIGMAcoustics omnidirectional supertweeter


Not really a secret, I love ENIGMAcoustics Mythology speaker and Sopranino supertweeter. Heard them in Munich some 2 years ago and was so impressed that asked for a review sample right after that show. This year they had yet another interesting innovation and despite still being under development I trust it is worth reporting.


They are about to launch an omnidirectional supertweeter. The problem with higher frequencies is that they have a very narrow dispersion pattern which translates into lack of air when speakers are not properly set up. Some manufacturers position auxiliary tweeters in the top or back of their deisgns, ENIGMAcoustics has come with the idea of using their ultrasophisticated electrostatic tweeter in a new design where a wooden cone placed in front of the diaphragm will scatter sound waves with a 360degree pattern.

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During the show the prototype was placed on top of Stenheim’s small two way, aluminum cabinet speaker and from a rather quick demo I got to listen the “omnis” were remarkable in creating a wider and airier soundstage. Can’t wait to listen to the finalized product and get to know the official name too.

DSC02979 DSC02985