Devialet screams out 1,000-watt Expert 1000

Devialet Expert 1000

Oh, Devialet. When will you ever stop being so smart, and cheeky? Hopefully never.

The French digital amplification centrale company launched their latest iteration of the bleeding edge of audiophile technology, the Expert 1000, on July 1st. My favorite line from their press release is this:

Thanks to its unique architecture, Expert 1000 Pro is capable of integrating hardware and software innovations that will be introduced by Devialet engineers in the future.

Among other major improvements, Expert 1000 Pro will integrate the new Devialet OS in 2017. A free upgrade will soon open the path for many uses of dematerialized music such as UPnP/DLNA.


Good Lord, I nearly stroked out when I read it. That’s pure f*cking genius. Since their previous Expert series of hardware sounded powerful, tuneful, on-pitch, and had Stygian bass capabilities, I’m sure this new stacked model builds on that award-winning recipe, and then some. The company seems to be on a bit of roll lately, with a wanton abandon for anything remotely resembling restraint when it comes to power usage with this weeks announcement of the 4,500 watt Phantom Gold, and now the 1,000 watt Expert. Geezus, I must look the environmental saint with the 10 watts of British SET goodness I’m pumping into my speakers. Viva la difference.


From Devialet:

Inventors of the world’s best amplification technology – ADH® – we are constantly working towards the ultimate perfection: zero distortion. In this passionate quest, we thoroughly reviewed the electronics of our products to develop the new Expert Pro line.

This line would not exist without the expertise acquired with the Original d’Atelier. Major innovations developed for this masterpiece enabled us to push once again the extreme limits of audiophile performances. Expert 1000 Pro embodies all these innovations.

Each element of the ADH core have been carefully rethought in order to design the new version of the ADH Intelligence® which provides significant performance improvements at all power levels.

New version of ADH Intelligence®, the most advanced yet, with an improved ADH loop regulation algorithm and a 4x improvement of the signal control precision.

New Class A amplifier reducing harmonic distortion rate and power consumption.
New Class D amplifier inducing a power transmission improved by 25%.
New power supply handling transient loads twice as fast.
New thermal management dissipating heat twice as fast.
New architecture allowing integration of future hardware and software evolution.


Our very own Doctor, Dr. P, got down, and dirty with the Expert 200/400 HERE.

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