Capital Audiofest 2016: Sonic feast from Viva Hi-Fi, Alta Audio, VPI and Zesto


Scott Dalzell of Viva HiFi was showing off a familiar, if eclectic, collection of gear at CAF this year, featuring some very sexy loudspeakers from Alta Audio.

In case you missed it, Atla Audio speakers were the keystone in the ground-breaking giveaway that CAF was featuring this year — and this show allowed us Alta-noobs to see and here their entire lineup. Scott was showing the Celesta FRM-2 ($12,995/pair), a stand-mount speaker (stands included) that features a very high-gloss finish over their proprietary “DampHard” cabinet material and use their “Alta XTL bass tuning system” for more impact in the room.

Driven here with a full complement of electronics from Zesto Audio, including their monster Bia-120 stereo amp ($12,500) and matching Leto linestage ($7,500), paired with the newest phono preamp, the Andros 1.2 ($4,700). A new WyWires power-distribution Power Broker Platinum ($2,999) leads with current; WyWires Platinum Series phono/interconnects (starting at $1,799), speaker cables ($2,999) and power cords ($999) make all the connections.

But up top of the rack, things got … curious.

The turntable up top the rack was from VPI. Really, that’s all we’re able to say about it — this was Harry Weisfeld’s personal Frankenstein monster. A direct drive? An Avenger? A mini-Titan? Yes, all of that — matched up here with a big 3-D printed tonearm. That was really cool to see.

The sound in this room was very smooth, elegant, and powerful. An impressive showing.