TAVES 2016: The countdown has begun


By Richard Mak

Since 2011, the  TAVES Consumer Electronic Show has grown to become to become Canada’s premier electronic show for high end audio and consumer electronics.  The number of exhibitors has increased steadily year over year, and this year’s TAVES is promised to be bigger than ever with a 15% increase in the number of registered exhibitors versus 2015.

The show will take place on Oct 28 – Oct 30, 2016 at the Sheraton Parkway Toronto North & Best Western Hotels in Richmond Hill, which is approximately 30 minutes away from downtown Toronto.   The venue is located in an ethnically diverse part of the town, just across the street to several Chinese shopping plaza such as Times Square or the Commerce Gate.    Right to the east side of Sheraton, you will also find plenty of restaurant and night clubs, be sure to head over to King Henry’s Arms for a pint of ale, or to Marlowe’s for some fine French Bordeaux.

TAVES is through and through a high end audio show in its core with over 80% of the show devoted to high end audio, the remaining 20% will easily keep your spouse or kids entertained with fine art and high tech electronic gadgets.

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Here is a sneak peak to some exciting audio exhibits:

Wynn Audio has a reputation of sparing no expenses, and this year Wynn will be showcasing a $1.2 million dollar audio system centered around Tidal Speakers and Goldmund electronics. The Goldmund Telos 1000+ Monoblock amplifier and the Mimesis 20H DAC will be shown in Canada for the first time. A number of industry big wigs will also be present: Micha Huber, Designer of Thales Tonearms, Mark Johansen of ZenSati Cables, as well as Jörn Janczak, CEO of Tidal Audio.

Audio by Mark Jones will be showing a complete CH Precision stack of electronics powering the Magico S5 Mk IIs.   There will also be new products from Kronos and Aurender.

Tannoy’s  Limited Edition GRF90’s will also be shown with Viola Labs Electronics and Nordost Cables.

Totem is expected to reveal its brand new SKY Monitor Loudspeaker.   Yamaha is launching its new NS-5000 speakers, and Monitor Audio is expected to show off its Platinum Series PL500 II speakers.    KEF will be demonstrating its out-of-this-world MUON MK II speakers for the very first time in Canada.

Tom Vu of Triangle Audio will be debuting its complete line of electronics in addition to their well known turntables.      He will also be showing his all new Horus tonearm.

Mat Weisfeld of VPI Industries, is attending TAVES for the very first time.   He will be bring with him the much anticipated all new Titan Turntable, a design collaboration between the father and son team, Harry and Mat Weisfeld.

Overall, we are expecting to see over 120 exhibitors, 300+ brands and 30 tech-talk workshops and a host of new product launches.   Be sure to check out their newly added 15,000 sq.ft high octane Technology and Innovation Pavillion, featuring a lineup of tech toys ranging from virtual and augmented reality devices, 3D printing, digital sandboxes and an array of apps and prototypes just about ready to hit the market.

The Part Time Audiophile team, writer Richard Mak and photographer Marco Fernandes, will be there to provide coverage, so if you happen to see our name badges please feel free to come up and say Hi!   See you next Friday .



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