RMAF 2016: WA-Quantum Cubed Room Animator


Robert Stein of Ultra Systems and The Cable Company, stopped me mid-dash, to ask me if I’d heard about the new the WA-Quantum Cubed Room Animator ($299 each). I paused, probably because I’d never heard those words in that particular configuration before and my parsing engine collapsed, and Robert held one out.

It is, apparently, a paperweight. A cut-glass, laser-etched, paperweight to be precise. I said as much, in some confusion, but Robert corrected me. It comes from the same group that brought us the Quantum Chips that I vaguely recall some folks raving about at some point in recent memory. From the brochure:

The WA Quantum Cubed Room Animator is a quantum-treated crystal glass device which releases sub-molecular energy pulses to the surrounding air in the listening room creating a clearer, more dynamic, more natural sound with improved low-level detail through faster direct acoustic velocity, optimized reverberation and optimized acoustic reflection.

eyebrow-raiseThis doesn’t make sense.

Robert tried to explain it to me. According to the explanation that he was given — which, he said, was rather thin — the device works in a way rather similar to (but probably not exactly like) the way the Stein Music Harmonizer (no relation) works. Except that it’s passive. That is, there’s no electricity and no moving parts. Rather, the crystal has been “treated” by a proprietary process (undisclosed) that turns the glass into a quantum emitter that has the effect of an acoustic exciter and this creates a superior in-room sound.

If you sense my dubiousness, that’s entirely fair. I suspect Robert did as well. For what we know, The Room Animator uses similar technology to what our dear colleague Modest found with those ultra-rare Svecheniye tubes.

Does it work? Who’s to know. More problematic, is that even a question that makes sense to ask?

Anyway, if you’re curious or just an inveterate tweaker, feel free to reach out to Ultra Systems. At the very least, they are quite striking to look at.

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  1. People from the outside looking in must think that we’re just a bunch of buffoons. A paperweight being sold for $300 for it’s magical audio improvement claims. And to think people will actually buy it. I’m going to take my $300 and buy some music from MA Recordings.

    Now I do have to say Thanks for putting this out there. I appreciate you being fair and showing all aspects of these audio shows. From gear to music to these odd tweaks it is all covered. Thanks again.

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