TAVES 2016: Vkmusic.ca, Audio Sensibility, and Integrity Hi-Fi


By Richard H. Mak

The 2016 TAVES show is an overall success, kudos to Suave Kajko and Simon Au (President and Vice President of TAVES) for bringing in more exhibitors and new brands to the show, making it bigger and better with each year passing. Most of the minor issues from 2015 were solved, like proper signage and staff on hand to direct traffic. The newly added Tech Pavilion proved to be a great idea, attracting many non-audiophile families. Some even brought their young kids to see the tech gadgets and various seminars, but stayed for the audio exhibits and enjoyed high end audio for the very first time. The various art displays spread out through the entire show venue added artistic elegance to the floors.

I arrived at the show 45 minutes before it’s official opening at 11am, and saw a lineup of over 100 people waiting to buy tickets. Thankfully, the press and media desk was separate so I got my press pass in no time. I am also thankful for my friend Marco Fernandes, who is responsible for the majority of the photos you see in this report, without his help this show report would not have been possible.

Booth Exhibits: Vkmusic.ca, Audio Sensibility, and Integrity Hi-Fi

As I entered the show floor, I was greeted by Victor Kung of Vkmusic.ca, distributor for Elekit which is a Japanese manufacturer of “kit” amplifiers. Victor showed me the all new Elekit TU-8340 amplifier which can utilize KT-88, KT120, KT150, 6L6 or EL34 tubes.  Designed by  Mr. Y Fujita of Japan,  the amplifier has a semi-automatic biasing circuit, by semi-automatic, it meant you have to press a single button and the circuit will bias itself without the need to use any voltmeter or trim pot adjustments.   The amplifier comes with all Japanese made parts, including the transformer.   The display model housed an upgraded output transformer custom designed by Lundahl (a $ 500 option). Priced at only US$ 1,250 (without tubes), it is probably one of the lowest priced tube amplifiers you can will at the entire show.

If you are not comfortable assembling the amplifier by yourself, Victor can assemble it for at a very reasonable fee.

Steven Huang, owner and designer of Audio Sensibility, a Canadian boutique manufacturer of cables and accessories, showed me his high quality Statement SE Power Distribution Box (US$ 1,200).  The chassis is machined out of a solid block of aircraft grade aluminum, cryogenically treated ultra fine stranded 12AWG 7N Ohno Continuous Cast Copper (OCC) wire connects 3 Furutech GTX-(G) receptacles independently (not in series) to the IEC inlet.   The box also comes with Stillpoint Ultra Mini feet.  Talk about a fancy power bar, this is probably one of the highest quality distribution box I have ever seen.    You can even upgrade to Rhodium plated receptacles for an extra $ 25 dollars.

TAVES 2016 coverage sponsored by VPI

Then just before I entered the first exhibit room, I bumped into Carlo Lupo and Dino Ciccone of Integrity Hi Fi, makers of the nifty automatic tonearm lifer “Tru-Lift” which I recently reviewed for Mono & Stereo Magazine. The lifter is designed to be placed strategically near your tonearm’s lifter, and as the tonearm gently comes into contact with the Tru-lift, it will automatically pop up to lift your tonearm in case if you had fallen asleep.   For US$ 250, this could be your cantilever’s best friend.

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    • Tungsten GM70 is easily among the best triodes ever designed, not to mention certain Melz tubes. Russians know a thing or two about tubes and while not my cup of tea Chinese also made progress in recent years.

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