Tokyo record shops and disappearing jazz joints

This is another post that focuses on my continuing obsession with analog, record shops, and Japan in general. I stumbled across these videos chronicling some of the best Tokyo record shops open right now  while going down an Internet rabbit hole on the phenomenon of disappearing Japanese jazz clubs, which photographer Philip Arneill & journalist James Catchpole explored in Tokyo Jazz Joints, but the project seems to have been taken offline in just the past week, so unfortunately the full collection of jazz joints, and images isn’t available as far as I know, but the Vinyl Factory posted some of the work HERE.

Candy jazz bar in Chiba, Japan. Photo courtesy of Philip Arneill.

Tokyo Jazz Joints seems like an amazing project, and I hope the decision to post it in its entirety happens soon.

Swing club in Shibuya, Japan, with bespoke horn speakers. Photo courtesy of Philip Arneill.

There are four short films that highlight some of the best record shops in Tokyo, and they are a treat to watch. The full article at Vinyl Factory is HERE, and I’ve included two of the videos below.

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