TAVES 2016: Audiophile seminars


By Richard H. Mak

There were many seminars this year at TAVES with great attendance by people who came to learn about new technologies and new trends in the Hi-Fi world.   One of these seminars was conducted by Ran Perry.    During the day, Ran is a Chief Technology Officer for a telehealth company in Toronto but in his spare time he conducts seminars about many aspects of digital audio. He is a member of the AES (Audio Engineering Society) and he is also the  Administrator of the  GTAA (Greater Toronto Area Audiophiles Club).   The GTAA is one of the most active audiophile groups in Canada with a history which dates back to 2004. It also has affiliations with various audiophile clubs from around the world.  They hold regular meetings, and conduct various seminars and events throughout the year to promote audio as a hobby, emphasizing knowledge and education in a socially friendly environment.

This year, the seminar was about building a digital audio library which proved to be a success as attendance was in full capacity with an engaging audience.

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