RMAF 2016: CanJam Photo/Video Tour

At CanJam this year, Brian at Audio Head pulled out the toys and took us all along for a multimedia tour. You’re welcome to the ride-along. Many thanks to Brian — and to the many vendors that allowed us to visit, chat up, and generally do our level best to make them look their very best.

Enjoy the tour.

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Astell & Kern

Some Astell and Kern players now have Tidal compatibility. XB10 brings Bluetooth for all!

Cavalli Audio

Cavalli’s upcoming portable is powerful – and shiny.

Read more at: http://audio-head.com/cavalli-audio-and-the-new-amps-rmaf-2016/


HifiMAN releases version 2 of their HE-1000 line and puts the final touches on the Shangri-La.

Read more at: http://audio-head.com/hifiman-version-2-rmaf-2016/


Westone’s new flagship ups the ante to 8.

Read more at: http://audio-head.com/westones-new-w80-flagship-rmaf-2016/


RHA shows off the their appropriately-named DACAMP L1 and two new IEMs.

Read more at: http://audio-head.com/reid-heath-acoustics-rmaf-2016/

Still More

1More goes 3 more (drivers) and wireless: http://audio-head.com/1-more-rmaf-2016/

Beyerdynamic’s two new headphones bring it all Home (or to the studio if you prefer): http://audio-head.com/the-beyerdynamic-amiron-and-1990-pro-rmaf-2016/

Sony’s new Signature series includes a new flagship headphone and an amp with more connections than you can shake a stick at. Also along for the ride – a new DAP that is heavier than awkward silence at your in-laws.

Fiio now sells a $99 DAP called the X1.

iFi has new top-tier line of amps and dacs, plus more digital products than one post can hold.

Two new V2s and one new 3 driver from JH Audio, in 360 video!

Audeze, I saw the Sine.


What the deuce! Hot Schiit in 2 channel. Read more: http://audio-head.com/schiit-audio-does-2-channel-rmaf-2016/