Shinola Watches: Photo Tour


I’d never seen a watch-factory before, much less wandered the floor of one. Call it the “bonus round” when I visited Shinola last week! There’s a ton of stuff to say about watches, and watch-making, and why that’s interesting and different, but I’ll leave that to the experts. Suffice it to say that I left the floor impressed at the precision, care, and overall quality of the staff, the approach, and the corporate ethic. You’re welcome to click over to the “First Look” we did on the Runwell Turntable for my thoughts on the company and their approach. Yes, I’m a fan.

So, here enjoy Michael Fremer, Bill Leebens and I (aka, Group Two), as we tromp through the watch factory. And yes, it was a “clean room”, so you’ll get the added thrill of seeing the three of us wrapped up like condoms. And for the astute, yes, Michael & I were joined by real journalists (aka, Group One) from Cigar Aficionado and Men’s Health. Their names will be withheld — from us — to protect the innocent (and yes, I’m kidding — they were lovely people).

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