1. A caption identifying the folks in each shot and perhaps even a mention of their company/publication/whatever would be most illuminating. . .

  2. I’m NOT supposed to be hear…

    Nothing truly worthy was ever created that was not subject to the emotions of its maker.

    And what, pray tell, is the main feeling flowing from said photos? Happiness. And in this instance, not just for being with a company that produces or reviews audio, but happiness with the company they keep.

    Each other.

    My mum taught me something about women and I suppose that if paraphrased it does indeed, cover all people. Here goes Mom…One of the most wondrous curves on the face of this Earth is that of the smile of welcome on the face of a friend.

    Just look at those pictures. Not a Dorian Gray among them.

    I shall crawl back beneath my rock now. Thanks for the smiles.


  3. OK, let me get this straight, David “The Admiral” Robinson, 10-time NBA All-star, ’95 league MVP, two-time NBA champion, member of The Dream Team, twice Hall of Fame inductee, and father of Duke Basketball star Justin Robinson — is pictured above without even a little mention??

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