TAVES 2016: Tri-cell Enterprises demonstrates Acapella, Accustic Arts, Aesthetix, Thoress


By Richard H. Mak

Just like every other year, Tri-cell Enterprises always have the most number of room.  This year, I counted 4 but I was told there was 5.  The room that caught my attention featured the Acapella Atlas horns (CAD$ 118,000/pr).  The system consists of a Transrotor Orion Reference FMD Turntable (CAD$10,000), a Reed 3Q 12″ Macassar Ebony Tonearm in a Palladium Satin finish (CAD$7,200), a Goldnote CD-1000 CD Player (CAD$10,000), a Thoress Phono Stage (CAD$ 13,750), a Aesthetix Janus Signature Preamp (CAD$ 15,000), and an Accustic Arts AMP II Mark 2 amplifier (CAD$ 18,150).

TAVES 2016 coverage sponsored by VPI

The Acapella Atlas looks taller than they are in the pictures, and stood nearly 5 1/5 feet tall.  They are massive in size and in weight, which will almost take up as much as space as the Everest.    There are six 10″ drivers housed in the same cabinet.


Coincidentally, they were playing the exact same song “The Box” by the King Singers which I heard the Acapella’s on a few years back at the CES.   I still remember that they were powered by Einstein equipment back then.     The sound coming out of these horns are always airy and life like, almost too life like and more euphonic than the real thing, especially with choirs and vocals.   Somehow cone speakers simply does not give you this type of sound.   You either like it or you don’t.