CES 2017: C’Est Magnifique

Here we come!

I was going to go.

Then, I wasn’t going to go.

Now, it’s official: I’m going to CES in Las Vegas.

I’ve never been, so please Vegas, be gentle on me.

I will be there with Brian Hunter of Audiohead renown from January 5th to the 9th. Apparently this is the mother of all shows in North America when it comes to tech, be it wearable or otherwise, so I’ll be checking out out some cool, new gear that I’ve not previously touched on. My focus is going to be on bringing the traditional outstanding show coverage PTA is known for, with some fresh grooves so we can throw our audiophile arms around a wider audience.

I plan on touching base with the great people from Mobile Fidelity, VPI Industries, Pro-Ject Audio, GoldenEar, PS Audio, DeVore Fidelity, Pass Labs, Chord, AURALiC and B&O to name but a few.

I plan on sitting down, and talking with a number of people about music, digital, analog, streaming, the state of hi-fi, and where they see the future of our obsession going. I hope you’ll check back often throughout the show dates, as I’ll be posting new stories, interviews, photos, videos, and content every day I’m there.

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  1. I am off that week but as is always the case with that venue, am unable to attend. I shall do so vicariously through your words and photographs.

    [Note from the editor: non sequitur ad hominems deleted]


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