CES 2017 video: DeVore Fidelity to unleash $20,000+ flagship Orangutan loudspeaker

I got lucky in Vegas.

No, no… not the way you think.

I got lucky with news from John DeVore of DeVore Fidelity.

He’s working on his new flagship Orangutan-series loudspeaker. A lot of time, and effort is being focused on making this a truly worthy stablemate to the king of the DeVore speaker jungle, and DeVore said that while the price most likely will be north of $20,000 USD for the new model, he is not building to a price point. He’s building it to be the best he is capable of, which is testament to his desire to push his speaker-design limits.  Those who’ve heard them are familiar with what DeVore’s transducers are capable of when it comes to playback of the flesh-and-bone variety. His Orangutan line are culpable in the art of sonic seduction: Ditto for his Gibbon X, and 3XL, The Nines… the list goes on. Having had my living room graced with a pair of O/96s for a number of months summer before last, I’m intimately familiar with what these waveform translators are capable of.

PDX-Hifi DeVore's beauties
DeVore O/96 (left), and O/93. Naming convention is based on efficiency… could we see an O/98?

But let’s skip ahead a bit in this report. It was at RMAF in October that I first got wind DeVore was monkeying around with larger bass drivers, bigger enclosures, and bronze tweeter horns in an effort to push the limits of his O-series designs. I spoke with him about it then, but getting the whole story has proven to take longer than I initially anticipated. Patience has paid off because when I caught up with him at CES in Las Vegas, and asked what he had going on in his Brooklyn Naval Shipyard production studio/factory, I was rewarded with confirmation that he was indeed hunkered-down with a new tweeter, mid/bass Alnico-magnet prototype drivers, and research into a number of new enclosure materials, and shapes for a sibling to the O/96. He said he’d always envisioned the Orangutan series as a three-speaker lineup. The O/93s followed the 96s in short order as the entry-level model, but it’s taken longer to refine, and expand on the design of the 96 to the point where DeVore is ready to announce another incarnation.

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The prodigal son returns with Sugden at CES in Las Vegas earlier this January. DeVore looks on at right.

While he’s still hesitant about a firm launch date for a prototype version, have no doubt that this is happening. It could be late 2017, or early 2018 but the O/96 will find itself a middle child at last, sandwiched between the O/93, and its yet unnamed big brother. Watch the video at the drop for the full story.

I apologize for the poor quality of the video, my camera was suffering technical issues that day. Thanks again to John DeVore for his patience in making this happen.

–Rafe Arnott