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Ortofon A95. Follow the hi-fi on Instagram at audiophile_gentleman.

I’m a social butterfly.

I admit it.

So it only made sense for me to get some of my visual work with Part-Time Audiophile out into the social media.



For anyone who’s interested in such things… I have created, and am now curating images for the audiophile_gentleman on Instagram. Please do follow me for updates from the world of high-fidelity that I’m fortunate enough to be allowed to play in. I hope you enjoy what I share.


Sonus Faber.


–Rafe Arnott

The latest from Part-Time Audiophile

  • dustngrooves
  • microzotl-1198
  • harbeth-shl5-plus-5542
  • High-End-Living-Voice-01835
  • beolab90-1
  • ci-ncm-358n-400
  • trntbl_black_sonos
  • elac-1245
  • dsa-phono-ii-2
  • mqa-umg-cobrand
  • turntable-mat4
  • ch-precision-5
  • d150-speaker

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