CES 2017: Products and Places, a Tour

by Brian Hunter

While studying photography post grad, I came across a photographer who had been at it since nearly the inception of the medium. To her, black and white was the color of photography.

I don’t disagree.

Without the wow of 4-color full-bleed, focus is more subtly attached to lines, composition and the intrinsic arts associated with the capture of still life.

So today I share with you some visual news updates from CES in its proper format, along with a small sprinkle of color images for when you lift your head up as to avoid running into the person in front of you (who also happens to have their head buried in their phone). While the companies you may recognize, the products are all new to market.

They say there are 4 Ps to marketing; the images here will get you half of the way there without so much as a break of your gaze from the computer screen.