Wireless TRNTBL streaming via Sonos – $429 to pre-order

An interesting proposition for diehard vinylistas…

A turntable that can rip ‘n stream your vinyl simultaneously to a Sonos system for multi-room playback  under $500 USD you say?

I’m listening.

VNYL is a company that is taking preorders on just such a design.

Like Romeo, and Juliet – will these two be denied their attraction?

Apparently this has been floating around out on the Internet for close to 10 months (I stumbled across it Sunday evening), and there seems to be confirmation (of sorts) via the Sonos web forum that the company will actually be capable of delivering on the goods:

“VNYL, the company that makes TRNTBL, is working on an integration through Sonos Labs, our open developer API and program. They’ll be able to play through to Sonos.”

I have to admit, while I prefer to keep my analog signals firmly in their own domain,  and I’m completely not a fan of digital rips of vinyl, I’ve been smitten with streaming digital music services such as Tidal Hifi, using Roon for playback. I think this turntable/streaming design would have seemed unlikely a couple years ago, but maybe it’s time to add some diversity to the analog gene pool with this marriage to digital. Besides, it seems fun as all hell to me. Also, I’m a fan of the looks of the units the company is showing off, it’s a beautiful ‘table to look at.

White or black for your design aesthetic.

I hope they get enough pre-orders to be able to make this concept a viable product that will make it to market. I for one think it’s a concept whose time has time. I’ve contacted the company in the hopes of getting more information on a production schedule/shipping date, so if/when I hear back, I’ll add that information to this post.


–Rafe Arnott